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Optimize your revenue by leasing out popular eBikes to working individuals, corporates or fleet companies. eWheelers multifunctional technology platform enabled with eBike lease functionality gives you the option to lease out your eBikes to the large group of eWheelers’ online customers.

Types of Leasing

Leasing to Individuals

Lease out your eBikes to individuals who are traveling to different cities and don’t want to go for an outright purchase because of their short stay tenure or any such reason. Explore More

Leasing to Corporates

Lease out your eBikes to corporate companies who want to rent or lease out the vehicles to their employees but don’t want to manage the hassles related to owning them. Explore More

Leasing to Fleet Companies

Lease out your eBikes to the fleet companies who want to use these vehicles for their business purposes or rent them out to individual customers. Explore More

Features and Benefits of Leasing

Maximize Your Revenue

Leasing out is a great option through which you can earn a good amount of money beyond your regular selling. In fact, it allows you to make more profit than a traditional eBike purchase.

Hassle-Free Leasing

We take care of the charging and service requirements of your customers. They can use our network of Charging Stations, Mechanic Services and Roadside Assistance as and when needed.

Pricing & Commission

We charge a 25% commission on the leasing price. Your final price should include this commission and the applicable taxes.

Promotions, Offers and Discounts

We offer periodical promotions and discount offers to boost your business. Check out our Promotions and Offer Page to know more.

How to Lease an eBike?

Step 1
List your

Add eBikes to your eShop from marketplace.

Step 2

Enable lease in product details.

Step 3
Receive Lease Request

Recieve lease request on your dashboard from customer.

Step 4
Talk to

Contact the customer and take details.

Step 5
Complete Documentation

Complete customer documentation online.

Step 6
Complete Delivery

Deliver to the customer at his/her preferred location.


1. What is eBike Leasing?

Leasing is a service that allows a customer to use an eBike for a pre-agreed time period on payment of the monthly rentals. In all circumstances, the eBike belongs to the leasing vendor and not the lessee, who is using it.

2. What happens when the lease tenure is over?

At the end of the lease tenure, the user returns the eBike to the leasing vendor. Then the vehicle can either be leased out again or purchased at the market price.

3. What happens if a lease is terminated before time?

In case a lease is terminated before the tenure, a pre-termination charge would be applicable along with the applicable taxes and outstanding rentals.

Terms and Conditions

Our liability towards eBikes Leasing is limited. You must make sure to perform a proper documentation process before leasing out any eBike through your showroom. We are not liable for any theft or other such issues. We are giving you only leads to help you maximize your earnings.